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2601A iron core insulation coating

2601A iron core insulation coating

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  • Date of issue:2021-01-14 09:31:49
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1. Usage description

2601A/B environmental protection series room temperature curing epoxy resin can be used for the iron core of dry-type transformers. Good insulation performance, good process performance and excellent surface gloss. It is an excellent epoxy coating for covering transformer cores.

2. Appearance and characteristics

ComponentMain agent 2601AHardener 2601B
ColourBlackBrown or transparent liquid
Viscosity 40℃(mpa.s)3.0~4.0×104180~270
Density 40℃(g/cm3)1.55~1.651.10~1.20

3. Mixing ratio


Usable time: 30-40 minutes at 25℃ (mixed amount 100g)

Curing conditions: The surface can be dried in 4 hours at 25℃, and can be cured in 24 hours. As the ambient temperature changes, the curing time period will change accordingly.

4.The operation process

1. Clean the surface of the iron core;

2. Stir 2601A evenly. After adding 2601B in proportion, fully stir A and B materials with a stirrer. The stirring time is 5-7 minutes. After the A and B materials are evenly mixed, they can be used.

5.Characteristics after curing

Compressive strength(kg/cm2)

Bending strength(kg/cm2)10~12
Tensile strength(kg/cm2)16~18
25℃ volume resistance(Ω/cm)1015
25℃ time surface resistance(Ω/cm)1014


A: 24kg B: 6kg

7. Shelf life and conditions

Dry and ventilated place (shelf life: 180 days)

8. Matters needing attention

The activation period of this product is 40-50 minutes, please prepare it for immediate use. The unused product must not be poured into the unmixed product. It is normal that there may be a little precipitation during storage, please stir well before use.


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