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1601AB epoxy resin castable

1601AB epoxy resin castable

  • Classification:Epoxy resin castable
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  • Date of issue:2021-05-20 15:18:14
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1. Usage description

The raw materials used in the two-component liquid epoxy resin with filler are bisphenol A resin, methyl tetrahydro anhydride curing agent, and silicon powder, which are processed through process treatment and reaction. The product has advanced technological performance and good mechanical, electrical and heat dissipation performance. Suitable for: pouring dry-type transformers, dry-type reactors, special transformers, etc.


2. Features

ComponentMain agent 1602AHardener 1602B
Viscosity 40℃(mpa.s)3100~42001500~1900
Density 20℃(g/cm3)11.60~1.651.50~1.55

3. performance

Low viscosity, strong penetration, flame retardancy, temperature resistance

4.the mixing ratio


5. Pouring process: conventional vacuum pouring system

Object temperature(℃)55
60℃ hour viscosity(mpa.s)88~120
Mold temperature(℃)60~65

6.curing conditions

Curing stageCuring time(H)Curing temperature(℃)
Phase 1680
Phase 24100
Phase 36130

7.characteristics after curing

Weight strength(Mpa)80~120
Coefficient of elasticity( Mpa)8000~10000
Elongation at break( %)1~2
Glass transition temperature(℃)90℃~95℃
Thermal elongation coefficient(105/1c)30~35
Thermal conductivity(W/mk)0.8~1.0
Surface resistance(Ω)
Specification volume resistivity(Ω/cm)1015
Water absorption%(24n/RT)<0.1

8. Insulation class: Class F

9.storage and packaging

StorageIt should be sealed in a container to avoid contact with air. It can be stored for a long time at 18℃~48℃; it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture
Packaging (net weight)240KG/barrel
Shelf life180 days

10. Matters needing attention

①It is recommended to wear gloves and a mask during operation to avoid direct skin contact with the product

②If you accidentally contact the product with your eyes, you should immediately rinse with clean, flowing water for 10 to 15 minutes. If you feel severely unwell, please seek medical attention immediately after washing.

③If the product gets on the skin, wipe it off with a soft and clean paper towel or rag and wash it off with hand sanitizer.

④ If you accidentally breathe in product vapor and cause discomfort, move out immediately. Severe cases need to be sent to hospital for medical treatment.

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