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5602 cleaning agent

5602 cleaning agent

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The main components of the cleaning agent: a mixture of alkanes, aliphatic hydrocarbons, flame retardants, etc.

1. Purpose

It can be used to remove grease, rosin, flux and other polar or non-polar organics on the surface of electronic products, plastics, synthetic rubber, metal parts, etc. It can better remove soluble particles and ionic residues (do not use as a cleaning agent other than the use of).

2. Cleaning equipment

1. It can be used directly where trichloroethylene was originally used.

2. When CFC-113 was originally used, please clean the equipment with cleaning agent before use.

3.Use matters needing attention

1. The PH value of the cleaning agent must be above 5.0.

2. When you want to use it for plastic cleaning, please immerse it in the cleaning agent for 12 hours in advance to observe its changes. If there is any change, please don't use it.

3. A large amount of water will cause the effect of the cleaning agent to become poor, and it will contaminate the cleaning material, please pay special attention.

4. In order to prevent the loss of cleaning agent, please cover the washing tank, and add a cooling system to the evaporation device.

5. Please use it in a well-ventilated place.

6. Since the boiling point of the cleaning agent is about 700℃, please use it in the range of 65℃ to 700℃. If the boiling point exceeds 720°C and the oil content exceeds 50%, please replace with a new cleaning agent (when the oil content is high, the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced).

7. The replacement of the cleaning agent is determined by the cleaning material. It can be replaced regularly according to the change of hue or PH value. After the waste liquid is regenerated by the recovery device, the effect is the same as that of the cleaning agent.

8. When entering the washing tank, for safety reasons, please wear an activated carbon mask and ventilate until there is no odor before entering.


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