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TC1150GP high voltage motor solvent-free insulation impregnation resin

TC1150GP high voltage motor solvent-free insulation impregnation resin

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  • Date of issue:2021-05-19 11:23:56
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I. Brief description of the product

Solvent-free insulating impregnation resin for TC1150GP high voltage motor is composed of heat-resistant unsaturated resin, modified resin, curing agent, active cross-linking agent, initiator, accelerator, etc. The product is less volatile, less odor, single component storage, excellent storage stability, low saturated steam.

Solvent-free insulating impregnated resin for TC1150GP high voltage motor is a low viscosity liquid at room temperature and has good permeability. Fast curing at high temperature, can be quickly cured at 140℃ ~ 160℃, curing less volatile, low VOC emissions, safe and environmental protection; The solidified material has good electrical and mechanical properties, three - proof and moisture - resistant properties.

TC1150GP high voltage motor solvent-free insulation impregnation resin has excellent performance among similar products and is convenient to use. It is suitable for impregnation insulation treatment of electrical coils of all kinds of large and medium high voltage F and H class motors.

II. Product technical conditions

The serial numberThe index nameTest conditionsunitParameter values
1Outside viewEye test--Light yellow transparent liquid
2Sticky degree4 cup, 25±2℃S25~50
3Gel time130±2℃min4~15
4Power frequency electrical strengthnormal
24h after immersion at 23±1℃
5Volume resistivitynormal
24h after immersion at 23±1℃
6Dielectric loss factor常态
7The temperature index,--180
8Storage periodRoom temperature, away from lightM≥6

III. Main reference process and parameters for product application:

1. After wiring insertion, it is recommended to adopt 80℃ ~ 100℃/3h ~ 4h for the pre-drying conditions of white blank of motor stator windings.

2. After pre-drying, the white blank of motor stator windings should be cooled until the internal temperature of the core is below 40℃ before it can be put into the vacuum pressure impregnation tank for vacuum treatment.

3. Vacuum

Vacuum the immersion tank. When the vacuum degree reaches below 100Pa, stop the vacuum pump and keep the vacuum for 4h ~ 5h.

4. Paint

Open the valve of the paint tank and slowly input the paint into the immersion tank. The upper end of the workpiece should sink into the paint solution more than 10cm, and the immersion time should depend on the size of the workpiece and the tank full rate. Generally, this process should not be less than 30min. Note: Do not input the paint while vacuuming, otherwise the paint will splash in the immersion tank; The paint will be pumped to the vacuum pipe and vacuum pump, after a long time easy to block the vacuum pipe, damage the vacuum pump; A large number of solvents will be drawn out of the paint liquid, so that the viscosity of the paint increases, but also pollute the air.

5. Pressure:

Remove the vacuum, to the immersion tank pressure, less mica-insulated 6KV motor recommended 0.6Mpa/4 ~ 5h; The pressurization time of 10kV and above high voltage motors should be extended according to the increase of insulation thickness.

6. Pressuring medium: dry air is recommended, followed by filtered normal air and dry nitrogen. After impregnating the workpiece, it is recommended to use special diluent when dripping paint and surface scrubbing solvent. Inert solvents such as acetone, toluene and xylene can not be used, and active diluent such as styrene can not be dripping into the paint tank.

7. It is suggested that the workpiece be directly baked and dried in the oven at 150℃ ~ 160℃ after the drop of paint. The holding time is determined according to the size of the workpiece, but generally not less than 8h ~ 12h (depending on the size of the workpiece).

IV. Inspection Rules:

This product is one batch after each production of one kettle or several kettle mixing, the same batch of products should have the same performance; Ex-factory test items are normal indicators in items 1, 2, 3, 6 and 4, 5 in the table. The type test items are all items in the technical index, and the test method is carried out according to GB/T15022.2.

V. Packaging, marking, transportation and storage:

The packing drum of this product is a clean iron drum with resin coating on the inner wall. It is strictly prohibited to mix with acid and alkaline substances in storage. The storage period is one year at room temperature from the date of delivery. The rest are executed according to GB/T10579-1989.

VI. Matters needing attention

1. No fireworks at the scene of paint immersion operation. Do not import the product. Rinse with plenty of water when contacting skin and eyes. Go to hospital for emergency treatment in serious cases.

2. The impregnation equipment must be dedicated, clean and free from adhesion of other paints. It is forbidden to be polluted by amines and other impurities (because the mixture of acid resin and amines will accelerate the curing reaction), which will scrap the paint and damage the equipment.

3. Resin in use after a certain amount of time because of less dosage, or other reasons, there may be a small amount of paint viscosity increase, need to add the right amount of special diluent, should be paid attention to when adding diluent must be in liquid paint mixing state will join the rest of the liquid paint thinner, slowly, to continue after mixing two to four hours, avoid adding diluent to paint in the absence of mixing.

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